What to Remember When Buying Bags Online?

You can find lots of designer’s handbag sold online. Women buy from different brands such as Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. Each of the brands has its own unique characteristics which became the reasons of women preferring such items. You can also find handbags sold in different types for different occasions.

Due to its popularity, there are many reproduction made for those who cannot afford to pay the original items. Even though the deed is for good but the act is still wrong. Many reproductions, though cheap, are still not worth your money. It lacks the durability that originals have.

Unfortunately, there are many online bag shops selling this fakes. Many women bought bags thinking they have saved money buying this certain model. But they eventually end up having the reproduction. So, how can you prevent buying fake items?

Here are some tips that will be your guide in buying designer bags online:

  1. Buy only on popular and trusted websites. When you plan to shop online with bags, you can visit websites that already earned trusted reputations for a long time like eBay and Amazon. You can advices from friends who already experienced buying stuffs online. You can find lots of online stores which sell designer bags. All brands have their own websites with shopping store, it might be best when you can buy on their respected websites.
  2. Do not pay using wired transfer. This is one of the unsafe ways in paying your purchases. You will eventually find yourself being robbed by scammers and your bag will never reach your home. Money transfer does not have the same Paypal protection. Other alternative is using your credit card when buying online.
  3. Manufacture place of the bag. Make sure you are aware of the manufacturer’s place of the bag you wanted to buy. No designer bags are made in China. It is also one way to spot if the bag is a reproduction or not. Do not also be deceived by sellers offering discount sales. Luxury brands rarely conduct sale and if there are it will be on the boutiques.
  4. Read return policy. Before you buy an item online, you have to read first the return policy of the seller. There are some sellers who will give you a fee when you return an item. What if the handbag is fake? You will end up paying for something and will never have the item. Conduct only deals with reputable ratings and feedback.
  5. Pre-owned bags are good alternatives. If you cannot afford buying the new designer bag’s price, why not opt for pre-owned designer items? There are many used handbags sold but still in good condition. Never succumbed to a reproduction just to show that you have authentic designer handbags.

These are only few tips you can use as your guideline when you plan to buy a luxury handbag to add on your collection. This is to avoid purchasing the fake ones and keep your money safe from online scammers.

How to Clean your LV Canvas Bag?

Luios Vuittion bags usually range from $750 to $4,800. This means that if you have this kind of bag, you need to take good care of it. You have to preserve the bag to make it last even if it is made of durable materials. Here are the steps on how to properly clean your LV speedy bag.
a.       Make sure you empty your bag first with your personal items from the inner storage and small compartments of the bag. Zipper each portions or button the pockets. To remove the small particles or debris, hold the bag upside down and then shake it. Set the items aside while cleaning the bag.
b.      When you start wiping the bag, hold the inside of the surface using your palm. In this way, you can maintain the shape while cleaning. Wipe gently using moist dry and soft cloth on the dirty part. This is to remove any traces of the cosmetics poured accidentally and the natural oils. Dry the canvas using a fresh cloth.
c.       You should also care the leather part such as the handle, tassels or the shoulder strap. You can use dry cloth to wipe the dirt or using it with leather lotion. Just wipe in circular motion on the part you wanted to clean. Repeat the process until the natural color is seen.
d.      You also have to shine the metal parts such as rings, chains, stud, nameplate, zipper, snaps, button or locks. You can use a clean and cotton swab for that part. You can then polish it with a flannel cloth. You can add luster to protect the metal.
e.      For cleaning inside, you have to follow the instructions manual of the manufacturer which is handed together when you buy the bag.
How to buy LV Speedy Bag?
There are many women who are not well-equipped with knowledge about shopping LV bags. Due to this, they end up buying the reproduction items which is very similar to the authentic ones. How can you spot that a seller is selling the authentic LV speedy bag?
a.       If you are going to buy online, you should know the seller. How? You can read some feedback about the seller of the previous transactions made. There is also percentage of the positive feedback of the user. It will help you access if this one is trusted on selling authentic LV bags.
b.      If you are going to buy on a shop, you should know how LV sells their bags. They do not sell in discounts and they do not offer wholesale. Even other well-known boutiques don’t do sales in these expensive bags. Don’t buy on stores which give discounts or wholesale them.
c.       LV tags are not attached to the bag. Check if the LV speedy bag’s tag is attached to it. All tags are found tacked inside a pocket or will be included in an envelope together with the receipt. Make sure you check this feature before buying the bag.
d.      Know what the seller’s return policies are. If the seller will say that they will provide you written proof that the LV bags they are selling are authentic, then these bags are truly fakes. Louis Vuitton stores do not offer written authenticities. Ship back immediately the bag if it’s from reproduction.
e.      Do not be deceived with date codes. If the bag has a date codes, it does not mean it’s already authentic. Some new French made bags do not actually have date codes. Move to another seller if they are boasting about LV date codes.

Luois Vuitton Bags (The Stylish Carry-all Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag)

You can find different types of Louis Vuitton bags coveted by many women. These bags are one of the most sought after season by season. One of the most popular is the collection of LV speedy bag. The speedy is a must-have bag for women who love fashion. This is a perfect accessory for a carry-all bag with style. You can find different models and sizes for this type for women to choose from. It can carry any important belongings for a long hour and yet still looking very trendy.
Why Buy Luois Vuitton Speedy Bag?
You can find many designers bag that can be a superb accessory for your outfit. But every woman is talking about Louis Vuitton speedy bags. Why they are running after this bag? Here are some reasons why there are many who prefer this type.

a.       This bag is very well-known for its monogram canvas and the classic style that has been one of the most favourite accessories of women for many years now. Once you have it, you can guarantee that you will totally look fashionable together with your outfit. It will always be the “it” bag for many seasons.
b.      This bag has different four sizes. In this way, you can buy the right size for you that go along with whatever you wear. But it does not mean you only have to stick with one size. You can buy other sizes of Louis Vuitton bags in Mykonos that you think will fit to every outfit you have. The bag is the best whether in small or big for additional accessory.
c.       The bag goes everything with whatever style you wear. You can use this bag from your jeans up to your cocktail dress. The only outfit you cannot pair it is the red carpet gown. So you don’t really have to buy many bags for different occasions. You can reuse Luois Vuitton speedy bags anytime you feel using it.
d.      The bag is made of the signature LV calf skin and monogram canvas. The materials are very durable that can withstand a daily abuse of the owner. It is also waterproof and has resistant surface for any scratches.
e.      This bag is ideal for traveling. It can hold all your belongings that you would like to take while traveling. You can even look stylish at the same time. For long hours of flight, you can still be confident because of this LV bag.